Saturday, 25 September 2010

Nuclear and wind. Strange bedfellows?

Why are nuclear power and the energy sources typically called 'alternative' usually considered strange bedfellows?

What are some the reasons that 'alternatives' such as wind and tidal power frequently go head to head?

Are the reasons usually driven by the financial agendas of the big business' protecting their future profits? Maybe there is some fundamental incompatibility between 'alternatives' and nuclear.

I will investigate some hard numbers on this question for a future post.

My personal observation is that alternatives and nuclear appear to be complimentary. It appears to me that the real source of friction between the two comes from a third party.

That party would seem to be the current dominant force in Britain's and indeed the worlds energy supply. Fossil fuels. In Britain this comprises natural gas and coal.

The gas and coal based energy suppliers have the most to lose should the nuclear and alternative 'camps' unite.

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