Monday, 27 September 2010

PopAtomic Studios and thinking about nuclear

You may have noticed the fantastic new Nuclear Britain banner. Many thanks go to Suzanne and the team over a PopAtomic Studios for generously creating it. 

Many positive things have already been said about the aims and efforts of the PopAtomic team, but I want to add some more.

I see the chief aim of PopAtomic as being to provoke viewers of their art into further investigation and better understanding of nuclear power.

This effort is absolutely crucial for the future of nuclear power.

Since the dawn of the atomic age itself the general public has been told what to think and feel about nuclear power. In times past this may have been in a positive but fearful way, such as with the propaganda of the cold war. In present times many organizations exist solely to spread fear and misinformation on nuclear power. Again telling you what to feel and think

As the beautifully elegant and to the point artwork above says..."Think".

Think for yourself and investigate the benefits and reality of nuclear.

Please checkout the great work being done over at PopAtomic.

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  1. Hi, just found your site. The more places there are to spread this message the better. You might want to link to the other new UK nuclear blog,

    PS, if you could set the comment facility to allow nickname + e-mail address as ID, with e-mail visible to you but NOT to spam bots, that would be great.