Sunday, 13 March 2011

How should events in Japan effect Britain's new builds?

The recent events at Japans nuclear power facilities has once again thrust nuclear power to the forefront of world attention. If that should have been the case given the extreme natural disaster at work in Japan at the time is a different discussion.

How should the events in Japan effect Britain's new nuclear builds?

Firstly there is a big difference between how something should affect a situation and how it will.

The events in Japan shouldn't really have any great effect on British new builds. Some of the immediate lessons to be learned is that in the event of an accident communication is key. 

However I believe what will actually happen is as we are seeing in Germany, the ever-present  anti-nuclear factions will seize and exploit recent events for all they are worth.

The handling of the reactor issues in Japan, far from being a catastrophe and a 'death blow' to nuclear power actually demonstrate that in the face of the largest natural disaster the country has ever experienced problems can be overcome.

So let's do whatever we can to ensure than the events of Fukushima over the past few days will be remembered for the right reasons rather than wrong ones because the coming wave of baseless, unnecessary anti-nuclear bile will pose a direct threat to Britain's (and the worlds) future energy security.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Fukushima 1 (Daiichi) and Fukushima 2 (Daini) Layouts

Given the various news reports on the two power stations I've been having a hard time keeping track of the layout of both. I'm putting these images here mainly for my own orientation but maybe they will help you too. You can click the images to enlarge.
Overhead view of Daiichi (Fukushima 1)

Fukushima 1 Daiichi (Credit: Unknown)
Plan view of Daiichi (Fukushima 1) 

Fukushima 1 Daiichi (Credit: Google)

Overhead view of Daini (Fukushima 2)

Fukushima 2 Daini (Credit: TEPCO)

 Plan view of Daini (Fukushima 2)

Fukushima 2 Daini (Credit: Google , notes by me.)